serge cornelissen
architectural lighting product design
Serge Cornelissen & Robert Cornelissen

In 1993, newly-graduated architect Serge Cornelissen designs his first lighting fixture at the age of 23.

Today, serge cornelissen architectural lighting product design has grown to become a renowned design office whose work is based on the newest led technology, and is being produced by lighting manufacturers worldwide. Besides aesthetics, their concepts include lighting-technical innovation and a thought-out mechanical design. Over the years, many design projects by Serge Cornelissen have been internationally rewarded.

In the process of achieving consistent levels of professionalism both in terms of design and customer’s support, Serge got the assistance of his father Robert Cornelissen. On October 5th, 2020, Robert passed away completely unexpectedly. No tribute can cover Robert’s importance as a historical figure in the pioneering years of the Belgian lighting industry, nor as an éminence grise in Serge’s design office. Nonetheless, a modest attempt can be found here.